Life Groups

           Life Groups are the lifeblood of this church. This is the place where transformation happens in our Gospel Centered Community. We believe one of the best ways to to reflect God’s image is to embody His love for one another. It is in this inter-generational group that people can directly experience God’s love through the compassion of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Here, people dare to be honest and dare to be loved in their weaknesses.

How it works:

1) Each person shares whatever is on their heart. They can share about their week, what God is doing in their lives, or perhaps something they realized recently.

2) As a person shares, the rest of the group listens.  The group grieves if the sharer grieves and rejoices if the sharer rejoices.  Romans 12:15

3) The Life Group Leader will moderate the time of sharing as well as protect those who are sharing.

4) The Life Groups will be arranged by cities.  At this point we have Life Groups around the cities of Garden Grove/Irvine and La Mirada.  When you sign up for Life Groups, we will place you in one closest to one of these cities.  This way if you or your Life Group wants to meet during the week, it will be easier to do so.

Ground Rules for Life Group:

1) When it is your turn, it is your time to share and others to listen.

2) Say as much or as little as you want.

3) Bad responses for those who are listening are "Fixing Comments"


- Just pray about it.

-You just need to repent and trust God.

-Oh your friend hurt you? Just go talk to them about it!

4) Good responses are questions for clarification, probing questions, and encouragements.


-What exactly happened when your boss said that?

-Congratulations on your new job!

-Where you sad when that happened?

5) If the person sharing has prayer requests, we as a group can pray for them at the end of their turn.

6) No discussing a conflict you had with someone else in the group.  If you have a problem with a fellow Life Group member, then it is your responsibility to follow the biblical model of reconciliation laid out in Matthew 18:15-17